Mission. Vision. Values.


We build respect.

Together, we help leaders make a difference in the communities and industries we care about, changing how business is done for people, purpose and profit.

We build results.

We help our clients build traction for successful outcomes on their most important, complex and challenging decisions.

We build relationships.

We are committed to delivering referral-worthy outcomes for our clients.

Here’s how:

We are better together.

Our strength is in our diversity of perspectives and respect for people of varied backgrounds, experience, skill sets and personalities. We trust each other.

We face complexity with positivity.

Solving problems can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be distressing. We’re here as a sounding board, with insight, skills and energy. 

We listen.

We read between the lines, decipher and examine issues so that we can see through to the heart of the matter and get ahead of what’s next.

We are accountable for results.

We’re a team that approaches hard truths with honesty and integrity. We are accountable for the work we do.

We build in sustainability.

Blueprint sources from local suppliers who hold similar values and adhere to a high-degree of environmental awareness and accountability. Our office is centrally located in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, allowing for easier meetups with clients. Blueprint employees either walk, bike or bus to work. We hold a business membership with Peg City Car Co-op, a carsharing program.