Our team works.


Michelle Kuly | Principal

Michelle’s experience in public engagement, strategic planning and facilitation is the foundation of Blueprint.

Over the past 15 years, she has developed a deep understanding of the dynamics of engagement and paired it with remarkable entrepreneurial vision. She has used this perspective to build a team and business offering unmatched services to serve our clients’ needs.

Michelle designs dynamic and productive processes for stakeholder and public participation that get results by creating understanding, buy-in and dialogue around challenging issues. Her leadership ensures our clients receive standout service, marked by innovative engagement tactics.

Her approach is grounded in reality and focused on results—planning, designing and managing projects to engage stakeholders; unpacking complex issues; and improving outcomes around important initiatives.

Michelle is the founding chair of the Prairies Chapter of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and is a practicing member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and IAP2.



Etoile Stewart | Stakeholder and government relations

Etoile makes things happen. She connects people towards a common cause, connects thoughts into strategies and connects messages with their audiences.

Influential decision-makers in both the public and private sectors seek Etoile’s counsel as a trusted advisor.

She has managed high-stakes projects for the Province of Manitoba, the City of Winnipeg and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, including multi-million dollar land developments, major infrastructure projects, and arts and cultural sector initiatives.

Etoile finds solutions that achieve balance between competing interests—and competing personalities.

Her expertise includes government and stakeholder relations, governance, communications, strategic planning, project execution, legislation and policy and GBA+ development and analysis.



Katie Krahn | Program Manager | General Counsel

Katie is a rare combination of a big-picture thinker who can zero in on the details that bring projects into focus.

Katie designs and manages strategic campaigns on complex, multi-million dollar projects marked by competing interests and pressing time frames.

Throughout her career, Katie has delivered for her public and private sector clients on a wide range of high-profile initiatives, from community campaigns to national energy projects, leading and motivating teams to support project performance and providing strategic oversight and guidance to ensure overall objectives are met.

An experienced lawyer, Katie is quick to grasp complex subject matter and an expert in clarifying objectives and mitigating risk for project success. Our clients trust Katie because they know she will come through, finding solutions and removing roadblocks along the way.

Katie’s expertise includes program design and execution, team management, communications, government and stakeholder relations, legislation and policy development, reporting and analysis.

Katie is currently on maternity leave until Autumn 2019.



Tamara Kuly | Strategic planning and implementation

With more than 20 years of experience in business planning, marketing, strategy and communications to draw on, Tamara is quick to understand clients’ needs. She navigates unfamiliar landscapes with calm confidence and approachability.

Deeply connected to her neighbourhood, her city and the larger community, Tamara values diversity of experience and perspective.

As a facilitator, she guides disparate working teams to consensus, arriving at the successful planning and implementation of strategic directives with clarity and precision. She is keen to build in accountability that results in measurable success.

Her expertise includes planning process design, facilitation, plan writing, scorecard development, implementation and management.



Mary Alagao | Team Support

Mary joined the Blueprint team as a summer intern in 2017.

Her willingness to reach out was initially sparked by a Global Issues class at Tec Voc High School. The connection was made when Blueprint’s Michelle Kuly spoke to students there as part of community engagement work around the plans to replace Winnipeg’s iconic Arlington Bridge.

Mary’s course work, including a project on the issues faced by refugees, further inspired her to take Introduction to Global Citizenship in her first year at the University of Winnipeg. She is currently in her second year there pursuing a major in International Development Studies.

From her beginnings as an intern, and now in support services, Mary is the team's go-to for requests large and small, from data entry and photoshoot coordination to pulling a bubble machine through the Exchange District (the latter as part of the public engagement campaign for the Market Lands).



Joanna Nickerson | Social impact strategy specialist

Joanna transforms what was unsolvable into the sustainable. Her approach to problems embraces innovation and encourages collaboration.

Joanna previously served as the Social Innovation Manager at B4C Social Venture Accelerator, where she assisted in the growth and development of more than 40 impact ventures and worked with more than 57 social entrepreneurs throughout New Brunswick.

She helps entrepreneurs find and make better use of their assets and resources to protect their future, the same way protecting the environment secures ours.

A recent arrival to Manitoba from Fredericton, she earned her Master of Business Administration from the University of New Brunswick. It was also in New Brunswick that she founded the GTFO Adventure Club (yes, the acronym stands for what you think it does) to build confidence, capacity and community in New Brunswick women through outdoor adventure.



Claudine Gervais | Content specialist

A writer with more than 20 years of experience as a reporter, editor and advertising copywriter, Claudine’s curiosity drives her to find answers. Meanwhile, her creative approach helps her to discover solutions in unexpected places. From brainstorming initial concepts to the period at the end of the last sentence, she knows every step needs careful attention.

A Western Magazine Gold Award winner, Claudine quickly establishes a rapport with colleagues and clients, making it easier to arrive at effective communication pieces.

Her expertise includes expository, descriptive and persuasive writing; concept development; researching and interviewing; and social media content and strategy.