Education, training
& capacity building.

Discover new skills that can improve your work, develop your staff and engage your community.

In today’s quickly changing world, lifelong learning is more essential than ever, whether it's in person or online. We know that it’s not about one specific program or certification — a willingness to learn and adapt will always put you and your team in a better position.

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Training is about
building community

Sharing knowledge is a key part of our mandate. Our programs aim to develop your skills: critical thinking, collaboration and strategic thinking. Once referred to as soft skills, they are now recognized as essential in supporting a team, dealing with unexpected problems, connecting with new supporters, and planning ahead for success.

We like to think of education and training as a way to build capacity. We know you work hard to bring value to your role and organization. We can help you uncover new approaches that support and extend the work you are already doing. We believe in empowering our clients with the knowledge they need to help themselves and their teams reach their goals. Although we are always a phone call away, we believe in equipping our clients with the tools they need for the long term. 

Custom programs
and training sessions

We design and offer clients custom strategic planning skill building and coaching. And we partner with industry groups to bring training courses to their members.

Municipal communicators

We specialize in working with small and mid-sized municipalities and offer custom training for Councils and administrators charged with getting municipal communications right. Read more about our Communications Training Programs for municipal administrators or inquire about training for Councillors or your municipal team.

Non-profit leaders and teams

From work with tech and creative sectors to construction, we develop customized coaching and training programs on all aspects of strategic planning and scorecard development. If you're looking for support and training to implement a strategic plan for your organization, contact us or take a look at our upcoming events.


How are your virtual facilitation skills? Where do you get the latest on new techniques or frameworks for problem framing, collaboration or facilitating high-stakes conversation? Or maybe you need the facilitation basics to help your organization meet and collaborate more efficiently. We can help. We work with you on complex facilitation design one on one, or ensure you hear about upcoming facilitator community cohort intake or upcoming training sessions. Contact us or check out our upcoming events.

We've got the blueprint

Our work is all about engagement. Our training sessions and workshops are never boring! Whether in-person or online, we create meaningful education experiences that actually get you thinking, talking and working.

We understand that actual learning is just as important as exercises, and design workshops that bring forward the most actionable techniques and tools. 

Behind every program we offer is a commitment to helping you grow and succeed so that we can continue to serve you for many years to come.
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