Build Results.


Blueprint is a team of facilitators, communicators, advisors and analysts.

Together we provide guided strategy, policy development and engagement services.

We specialize in the unpredictable part of your projects… people.

Our insights and experience create buy-in among stakeholders. We help decision-makers shape trustful, transparent conversation by addressing concerns and criticism, identifying potential sticking points and creating an environment that allows for informed decisions. 


Build Engagement.


Find out what has to change to change people's minds. 

We help businesses and organizations listen and understand.
We find out who to talk to and what questions to ask and connect input with decision-making. Our services work in tandem with technical processes and research-based solutions to collect the right information, from the right people, at the right time.


Build Strategy.


We see what others see – but we think about it in ways others haven't.

Strategic planning is about putting the pieces in place that help you realize your vision. When everyone has the support they need, you set the stage for collaboration, accountability and positive results.



    When it's time to ask, ask us first.


    Who We Help

    We work with government, business, non-governmental organizations, Crown corporations and industries accountable to stakeholders. Some of our clients include:

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    What they're saying.


    Michelle and her team can prevent a PR nightmare or turn around a difficult situation.
    — DJ Sigmundson, CAO, RM of St. Clements

    The Blueprint team is organized and independent. You can be confident they will deliver on time, high quality work.
    — Mike Boissonneault, Project Manager, Stantec

    You allowed us to highlight our strengths as a business and see ways of making ourselves even more sustainable.
    — Andrew Eastman and Chloe Chafe, Co-founders and Creative Directors, Synonym Art Consultation

    Blueprint designs the right processes. They take what can often be difficult but important issues and help your organization uncover the answers.
    — Andy Dutfield, Past Chair, Winnipeg Construction Association

    As a leader entrenched in the day-to-day, you need someone who can help you stand back and look objectively at what stakeholders are saying to clarify overall goals and arrive at a plan of action.
    — Nicole Matiation, Executive Director, On Screen Manitoba

    The Blueprint team gets to the core of what we need. They understand what we want, and they make it happen. They’re well-prepared with advice, processes and the tools to get it done.
    — Amanda Emms, Project Coordinator, Maven