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Stakeholder engagement & communications.

Stakeholder engagement goes by many names: buy-in, collaboration, consultation.

Whatever you want to call it, we believe it is one of the most critical elements to your organization's success.

Engage the people that matter most to move your project forward.

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When you need

stakeholder engagement

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Your members are unhappy, and there is a lack of agreement that’s stopping you from moving forward.
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You have been able to build good will among most people, but the detractors are getting louder and you don’t know what to do about it.
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You need to work on understanding each other. You want to engage your stakeholders to better understand the impact of your decisions.
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You have a diverse group of stakeholders and need an inclusive engagement process.

Why it matters

Gone are the days that good ideas and force of will are enough to move your plan forward. Your staff, members, board and citizens want to understand what you’re doing and why. Stakeholder engagement is essential in effectively communicating changes in plans and projects.

The reality is that even the greatest plans fall apart without buy-in, and stakeholder engagement is at the heart of all of the services we provide.  

It’s more than a buzzword. It’s a philosophy and approach that builds foundation for real change. Stakeholder engagement helps you effectively communicate your vision and provides valuable input that you can use to shape your decisions and address the needs of those you serve.

Build Results

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Build insight

Staff, board, members, partners and customers perspectives

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Build a plan

Bring the right team together to frame the challenge and get to a plan faster with expert facilitation

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Build trust

Supported introduction of your plan to your stakeholders, showing them how their input is addressed

More than a blueprint

We begin by analyzing your organization’s issues and goals. From there, we identify who your stakeholders are. We challenge assumptions and consider every possible stakeholder group — sometimes the people impacted by your organization aren’t in plain sight. We help you clarify the problem and hone in an effective path that engages with all the voices at the table.

Stakeholder engagement isn’t always something you do with your public — it might begin internally with your staff, where buy-in is essential whether you move your plan into the public sphere or not. 

We back our stakeholder engagement strategies with data because we know that asking the right questions is an essential part of the process. We partner with data experts whose work we can rely on.
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