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Strategic planning.

A good plan is the first step to success, no matter what your goals are. Creating a roadmap that defines your rationale, gets buy-in from the right people and achieves what you need is where we start.

When we work together, we help your organization work better. You know your people. We know how to communicate, solve problems and navigate change.

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When you need

strategic planning

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You have big goals and need a plan to get you there.
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You need a new approach to the strategic planning process to keep your team engaged, increase participation or get some new perspectives
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You know what want to achieve, but need a plan to outline how to get there and measure your progress
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You need to make some changes or move forward with your plan but don’t know how.

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We’ve invested in finding processes, techniques and measurements that support what you already do. We believe that evaluating strategic plans is an essential step in building on what works, and it’s a step that often gets missed.

We help smaller organizations that need a strategic plan as a guiding document, and we work as a thinking partner who can make sure your plan supports your goals.

We also support large and established non-profits that work with their board every year to revisit a strategic plan — a plan that needs to meet the standards of stakeholders, funders and executives, and stands the test of public scrutiny.
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Understand goals, issues, stakeholders

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Challenge assumptions & isolate objectives

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Customize inclusive engagement

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Communicate & engage

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Analyze data & recommend supported paths forward

We've got the blueprint

No matter what we do, we know that bringing the right people to the table and engaging them in the process is essential to creating plans that actually make sense for your organization. We know you’re doing this work because you’re passionate about it, and that matters to us. 

What will your strategic plan look like?

That depends on what you need. It might be a slide deck or a 20-page data-driven report. We don’t work in templates. We design around you and your goals. And if your strategic plan needs to be public, we’re practiced at creating plans that can be communicated to funders, boards, the public or other stakeholders.
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