We can help.




Effective strategy determines where you’re going and how to get there.

We help with:  

  • Facilitation and process management

  • Issues management counsel and support

  • Consensus-based plans

  • Individual and group engagement

  • Interviews, insight sessions and surveys

  • Policy analysis

  • Metric development

  • Coaching and training

  • Results reporting



Successful, sustainable decision-making depends on the people it affects.

We help with:

  • Fully managed public engagement strategy

  • Stakeholder relations

  • Government relations

  • Advisory and working group facilitation

  • GBA+ facilitation

  • Consensus building

  • Design and graphics

  • Photography and video

  • Website and social media content

Gender Parity Specialization

Companies and organizations should think of their efforts to achieve gender parity not as a cost but as an opportunity. There is a link between the presence of women in executive positions and higher corporate returns.

We help with:

• Needs assessment and analysis

• Integrated strategic plan and budget development

• Facilitated planning sessions

• Key person interviews (group and individual)

• Focus groups

• Summary of findings

• Report creation

• Marketing and communications plan integration