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Sometimes a neutral third party can help support conversations that aren’t possible in a regular work setting.

Get an expert on your side who can lead the tough conversations, bring a fresh perspective to problem solving and inspire you and your team to think differently.

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When you need facilitation

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Your virtual or in-person event involves a big group of people with diverse viewpoints.
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You want your online and offline meetings to be more effective.
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You value feedback, but now you need to make sure every voice is heard.
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You need someone to get a conversation going but also keep it on track.

Why it matters

A skilled facilitator designs and facilitates meetings that transform thinking and work through sticky challenges where there are multiple perspectives involved in a decision or a project. A facilitator makes a plan for the best way to get a group together, helps people feel heard and brings ideas forward so your time together is productive.

We support your organization so you can make real, sustainable progress on the important work ahead.

The result is better communication, improved morale, a sense of goodwill and a mandate that unites everyone under a common purpose to define realistic, achievable goals — even if the work has been stalled for some time. 

With a great facilitator, a meeting you were dreading becomes a conduit for results and alignment you didn't think were possible. Facilitators create outcomes for work involving teams, boards, stakeholders or collaborators of any sort.  You'll see results, whether you're sitting face to face or meeting virtually.

What we design
and deliver

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Corporate retreats
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Focus groups
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Team alignment
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Kickoff meetings
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Team building
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Large group facilitation
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Planning and deliberate design is critical to a successful meeting, whether it's online or offline. We'll challenge assumptions on what a meeting or workshop should look like, and leverage proven experience to design a custom approach that delivers rave reviews and results on even the most complex, charged or challenging topics.

Let us help you with your most demanding conversations.
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